I hope you enjoy the new look and new offerings with the 1.1 version of Paradise-Wellness . With the changing times I felt it was nessesary to bring some of my expertise to online services to support our past and futute clients. You will see I offer our historical “in person offerings” which we will resume when it is appropriate to do so. In the mean time we continue to send Healing energy and Prayers to our World Community in this time of transition and look forward to supporting the new way foward for us all.

Healthy Adventures

Let us help you realize your Mexico exploration dreams with a customized single or multi-day trip. The coast, cenotes, ruins, haciendas, and jungle in and around Merida are unspoiled gems, infused with deep spiritual significance. Our trips focus on these special sites and locations that are off the beaten path, a bit quieter and less well known than the major tourist destinations.

We don’t offer large group excursions to the most popular tourist sites as there are many excellent vendors in the area who provide these tours. We would be happy to recommend some as requested. 

Day trips range from $125 -$195 USD per person, with no minimum required. Solo travelers are welcome! 

Multi day trips are $195 USD per person, plus accommodations.

*For multi-day Healthy Adventures, accommodations are not included in the price.  When we connect to plan your special adventure, we can recommend great places to stay for a variety if budgets.  

*10% of our day trip proceeds are donated to various local charities. We support families, children, schools, and animals in our local community and world family.

Spirit, Mind and Body Attunement

Our Spirit, Mind and Body Attunement combines Reiki, Marma therapy, reflexology and Ayurvedic massage in an intuitive session that lasts from 90 minutes to two or more hours, depending on your needs.

We developed this special attunement after traveling the world studying alternative wellness. This treatment helps realign the body for natural healing. Some clients address chronic health issues through a series of sessions. Others come for a one-time treatment as part of their own wellness efforts.

Spirit Mind & Body Attunement ( in-studio only offering)
2-3 hours & 125 US


Reiki is a simple, natural and safe form of bodywork that promotes healing and wellness. It has been proven effective in helping virtually every known illness and it works in conjunction with medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit. It creates many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results as a result of Reiki treatments

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. It is sometimes known as “healing touch” therapy or laying on of hands.

Reiki  (in-studio or online)
50 minutes for $60 USD

DoTerra Oils

Paradise Wellness is proud to offer Doterra Products with a good assortment of in-stock essential oils.  We have new shipments each month – we can order what you may want, and notify you when it arrives. Consultations are in person or on – line, by appointment only. 

We also offer 1:1 essential oil consultations and educational workshops.  These workshops are a great way to celebrate a birthday, enjoy a special wedding shower and just have a fun evening for you and your friends.

Be sure to follow Paradise Wellness on our Facebook page to find out more about our workshops! 

Our workshop are $10 – $20 USD per person, depending on the oils we use. Speciality private parties are $20 USD per person, with a minimum of four people. 
*For people who love Doterra. you can access loads of free essential oil education and Do it Yourself crafts and recipies from Wellness.
You are welcome to shop here as well. If you are interested in membership, my Wellness Advocate number is 3590480. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions:

Custom Vacations:
Across Mexico

Welcome to the 2.3 version of Paradise-Wellness bookings.

I am super exicted about the new offers in the Yucatan, Mexico. For your viewing pleasure and convenience I have added a booking platform.

I have group and private options and you can join me and other travelers on Group Health and/ or Wellness themed Adventures (perfect for like minded Solo travellers.).

OR if you have friends, family or clients you can book your private group.

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Oracle Cards

Oracle cards, also known as wisdom cards, have been used by people across the centuries to find meaningful answers to questions about their lives, spiritual path, and future. They are a useful tool for anyone who is a spiritual seeker.

Many people ask how oracle cards work and there are many answers to that question. Some believe that oracle cards give the user the means to better understand their own thoughts and decisions. Others believe that cards give us the ability to access the guiding spirit of the universe. Others feel that they operate by the Law of Attraction, seeing the answers of the cards as the magnetic pull of the universe.

Oracle card readings (in-studio or online)
  • Clarity Oracle card reading 1 deck clarity reading 20-30 minutes for 30 USD   
  • In-depth Clarity Oracle card multideck reading up to 3 decks for an in-depth reading with multiple cards to clarify.  50-60 min 45USD
  • Online Oracle card party with friends. We do a zoom link call up to 6 people per call and I pull an oracle card for each of you.  50-60 min 45USD

Our day trips are very different. Most are small, private experiences with 1 to 4 participants and a spiritual wellness focus. All are custom-designed for your schedule, preferences, physical health or needs, dietary requirements, and spiritual goals. We offer 3 different types of Healthy adventures. 1) Personalized full-day tour from Merida, 2) Multiple days trips exploring from a base accommodation, or 3) Multiple days exploring multiple cities and experiences mostly around the Yucatan and some special request circumstances Quintana Roo.  All 3 are customized to your interests and budget for accommodations.

The Healthy Adventure Day Trips cuisine and non-alcoholic beverages are included. They give you the flexibility to choose from some great fresh, specialty cuisine in the local eateries atmosphere or we customize a LiViT lifestyle healthy picnic for those who have specific dietary preferences. We cater to Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Keto, Celiac, Diabetic, or allergy requirements. We also source local and organic as possible and take pride in handpicking all the ingredients and preparing with love and attention to your requests. Multiple Day trip tours specialize in the local flavors of the places we experience.

To keep your Wellness and Mother Nature in mind as we explore the magical areas, we supply for the day  Ecologically friendly Bug sprays, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer.

 We offer our Healthy Adventure Daytrips in English and we rely on well-trained and fully licensed and insured Mexican transportation providers, so your comfort, safety, and well-being are the top priority.

More Info and Pricing

Daytrips range from 125USD-195USD PP ( No minimum required)

Multi Daytrips are 195USD PP plus accommodations

*Solo travelers are welcome no Minimum is required.

*For multi-day Healthy Adventures, accommodation is not included in the day trip price. When we connect to plan your special adventure we use my knowledge of some great places and your budget preferences to create a fit for you.

*10% of day trip proceeds are donated to various local charities, we support families, children, schools, and animals in our local community and world family.

A healthy lifestyle guest experience is our specialty for our adventures.

Spirit, Mind and Body Attunement

Here's what happens in our Signature Treatment

Before starting, she uses a special assessment tool to personalize your treatment according to your Ayurvedic constitution or Dosha. The study of Ayurveda takes into account your original constitution and then notes any special needs as they relate to stress, disease, poor diet, bad habits or environmental issues. The goal of her Spirit, Mind and Body Attunement is to rebalance your constitution, in order to promote health, boost immunity, facilitate peace, harmony, and contentment. This is not a one size fits all treatment – each individual’s needs and basic constitution are unique and her sessions vary accordingly.

After planning the session with you, together you choose the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Doterra Essential oils suited to your Dosha and designed to enhance the intensity, purity and quality of the treatment. She then asks you to be comfortably settled on her table. This is the time for you to relax and tune into your body and begin to enjoy the deep level of relaxation and visualizations you may receive in the session.

She initiates the session by using her singing bowl, acquired when she studied in Dharmsala, India doing dharma lessons with the Dalai Lama in 2009. He personally blessed her bowl and she feels a healing energy connection with it.

She then smudges the space by burning Copal, local and traditional incense. This purifies the environment by clearing the energy in the air and body. The use of Copal goes back centuries in the Yucatecan & Mayan culture and is still used today by local Shaman.

Next she does the invocational tapping on her hands which starts the Reiki energy flowing. Her healing energy relies in part on a clear connection to her spiritual guides including the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Sandolphon and Metatron as well as other spiritually-connected healing masters.

As the energy flows thru her, she silently repeats a Sanskrit mantra to invoke more healing energy intention. These sessions are highly intuitive: she is simply the conduit, not the master. The energy flows where it needs to and for the length of time that is needed.

During the treatment, she uses a variety of techniques and practices including Reiki, Marma therapy-Reflexology and Ayurvedic massage. Here is a bit more about each of these modalities:

  • Reiki is a simple, natural and safe form of bodywork that promotes healing and wellness. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. It is sometimes known as “healing touch” therapy or laying on of hands. It has been proven effective in helping virtually every known illness and it works in conjunction with medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit. It creates many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and wellbeing. Many have reported miraculous results as a result of Reiki treatments.
  • Marma therapy-Reflexology clears stress from the muscles, soft tissues, fascia, and vital points of the body. When Marma points are under pressure, the body, mind, and nervous system don’t function efficiently, and a host of illnesses and disorders can manifest. Marma therapy opens up strangled Marma points, allowing the intelligence of the different bodily systems to regain their homeostasis. Respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, and endocrine systems resume a state of harmony. Marma therapy also restores one’s perspective on life to a point of clarity, insight, and inspiration.
  • Ayurvedic Massage is an ancient Indian wellness practice that purifies the body, soothes the muscles, joints, and bones, and improves circulation. It includes tapping, squeezing and kneading movements. The techniques, combinations, and rhythms work in harmony with the essential oils used in the Spirit, Mind and Body Attunement and your individual energy needs so that your body is restored to peace and harmony.

As the session draws to a close, she plays the bowl again to further open the chakras and bring you back to your awareness of your body and surroundings. She leaves you plenty of time to relax and regroup – you have just completed an energetically intensive session and to rush out into the world is not helpful to the process. Clients usually sit and drink some water or tea. Many times her clients have questions about what happened in the session and she can address those. It is really a time of gentle reintegration before you go out into the world. She wants to make sure you are grounded.

Sometimes, as a special final treat, Sharonlee will do an angel card reading with a delicate small deck with single words on the cards – the fortune cookie after the meal! Her clients have always been amazed at the accuracy of the little cards as well as a sense of renewed well being after each session.

The energy continues to work in the body for 24-48 hours. During this time, we suggest you drink lots of water. Sharonlee will contact you the day after your treatment to check in and see how you slept and how you are feeling. She keeps notes on your sessions and how you feel afterward so she has a record of observations and progress for future visits. She will also make notes of any intuitive messages she received for you and note where the energy draw was stronger or softer.

Some clients have asked whether their treatment will “work” even if they are skeptical of alternative wellness. Here is what we know to be true: you do not have to believe. The results happen anyway. It is like turning on your light switch. You do not have to believe the bulb is going to light up; you do not have to understand electricity and you can even wish silently that the bulb not light up. However, the bulb will still illuminate. It is just that simple with your treatment: the universal energy of light and love is the switch. Sharonlee is the conduit or the wire and you are the bulb.

Your Reiki Session

Reiki can be done a few different ways, 1) as a distance treatment with session via the internet, 2) sent energetically with both parties holding the intension if no internet is available or 3) as a hands-on body treatment that is performed while the client is fully clothed and lying on a massage table. Generally, a Reiki therapist will softly place their hands on (or over) the client in a series of standard positions developed to address the whole body. Reiki energy flows from the therapist’s hands to the client to facilitate and accelerate the body’s natural healing abilities. With distance sessions both the practitioner and the recipient feel the flow of energy, it is not necessary to be in the same place.

Paradise Wellness Reiki in-person sessions take place in Sharonlee’s softly lit studio on a massage table. Sessions last about one hour and are performed with gentle music in the background. For some clients, lying on a massage table can be difficult and if this is the case, she can perform the therapy while they are seated. Any position will work as long as they are comfortable. She will suggest that clients remove anything that can interfere with the energy movement during their session, including jewelry, restricting clothing, glasses, shoes, and belts.

She begins treatment with her client’s client resting on their back. The basic hand positions begin at the head and end at the feet for her in-person treatments. If you opt for a Distance Reiki experience either on or off online, it will be in the comfort of your own home or in a space where you can lay flat, feel comfortable and have a quiet environment around you. She will have recommendations for music and ambiance to ensure the maximum benefits for your session. These sessions are 50 minutes, she recommends you choose a time where you will be able to give your Self some relaxation time after the session with your new-found zen feeling with your energy realignment.

Starting with the first-hand position, or beginning of Distance Session a client can expect to experience a range of feelings. They may go to sleep, and sleep throughout the entire session (and that’s ok!). They may feel the heat or cool from Sharonlee’s energy or hands. They may experience tingling, waves of energy, bubbles, stomach gurgling, laughter, tears, sighing, deep breaths, or just feel very relaxed. It all depends on their personal physical and emotional environment. However they experience the treatment, it is correct for them.

When clients come back to Sharonlee for several sessions, a relationship builds and variations of the treatment can develop.

At the close of a Reiki session, Sharonlee will suggest that her clients slowly sit up and rest for a moment prior to standing. She will encourage them to drink some cool, pure water then and throughout the next day to help flush toxins from their system.

Sharonlee has been an avid essential oil user for many years, as a young child she would collect rose petals and soak them in water to creating her own rose water. As a lover of the great outdoors and with an extensive understanding of how the essential oils can support our Spirit, Mind, and Body she loves to share her experience of the aromatic, and topical gifts from nature.

For years Sharonlee was seeking to find a consistent Therapeutic essential oil provider, as she found that each bottle would vary from one batch to the next even from the same provider. So when she came across the Doterra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils she was thrilled. Sharonlee was impressed by the 3rd party quality assurance testing and positive, consistent beneficial results with her personal use and with her clients. After a short period of being a wholesale customer, she chose to become a Wellness Advocate and give people the opportunity to learn how to empower themselves and their families with pro-active wellness. She is continually learning and sharing some of the latest advances in the essential oil world.

More Info and Pricing

Paradise Wellness is proud to be a retail outlet for Doterra Products with a good assortment of in-stock essential oils for you to purchase by appointment only. Sharonlee also places a monthly order from the Mexico warehouse, you are welcome to piggyback on that order and pop by the studio to pick up your Doterra goodies when she receives the order.

She offers essential oil 1:1 consultations when you are placing an order. As well she specializes in group Do It Yourself & Essential oils educations workshops, Thinking of doing something different for that Birthday party or Wedding shower. We create a fun evening for you and your friends. with essential oil theme for a Make and Take a workshop.

Be sure to follow Paradise Wellness on our Facebook page to find out what workshops we are offering. Prices on workshops, classes, and Special Occasion Private Party events vary between 10-20 USD per person (Or peso Equivalent) Depending on the products and oils we use. Sharonlee loves sharing her knowledge of the oils in a fun, relaxed environment at her colonial home in Centro, Merida where she hosts these events.

You can also order from your home in Canada or USA from
Sharonlees Wellness Advocate # is 359048

Your Oracle Card Session

Sharonlee uses several different decks with different themes. All of the decks are infused with the energy of divine light and love, so rest assured that they are safe, powerful and amazingly accurate. Here are some of the cards she has found helpful:

The Ascended Masters Oracle Cards provide wisdom from great spiritual teachers, including Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Apollo, Yogananda, and Ganesha. Each Master has special gifts and teaching and this deck cover every religion and culture.

The Wisdom of Avalon Cards provides loving guidance from the King, Queen, and Merlin, together with the animal guides and the Faeries in the Kingdom of Avalon.

The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards are dedicated to the spirit, power, and beauty of the goddess which exists in every woman, man, and child. The Goddess brings feminine balancing energy to the world by nurturing our intuition and empathy.

She uses the
Saints and Angels Oracle Cards to access the loving and trustworthy guidance of beloved Saints such as St Francis, St Teresa, Joan of Arc and the Holy Spirit. Messages from these cards let you know that that heaven’s help is always readily available and that you are never alone.

The Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards help you swim into the ocean of your unconscious mind where profound thoughts and feelings live. These cards are guided by Mermaids – magical spiritual helpers — and dolphins, who are the Mermaids’ physical companions, playmates, and co-workers. Together they bring magical energy and remind us of the importance of playfulness.

The Romance Angels Oracle Cards tap into the romance realms, offering clarity about soul-mate relationships, healing from the past and attracting more love into your life.

Gateway Oracle Cards hold the key to opening the gateway to your sacred inner realms, tapping into the vast mystical universe within you. This is a non-denominational deck that connects with the Universal energy

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards connects you to the wild animal kingdom encompassing the 4 earth elements originating in Australia, this deck wonderful experience with the totem animals from that region of the world.

Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle Is a journey to Self-Mastery using therapeutic colors, sacred geometry the elements and Angelic wisdom. The creator of this deck lives in the UK in the area of the St. Micheals Ley Lines near Stonehedge. This is a very powerful and expressive deck created at a perfect time as Archangel Metatron is coming thru to many lightworkers, and those seeking guidance.

The first Oracle cards she experienced were from the Messages from the Angels deck. She has always had a fondness and connection with angels as energies of divine light and love. This deck gives us messages from the Angels, the Archangel, and all guardian angels.