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My Light and Love blog and Social media outlets are a wonderful way for me to share my LiViT lifestyle as well as my passion for travel and exploring. I love posting pictures and videos of my Personal and Healthy Adventures , recipies, inspirational  and educational posts. Typically I do “facebook lives” on Wellness Wednesday and occationally on Self-Care Saturdays. Please be sure to follow me and share with your friends. I love  sharing the Magic of my life with those who are seeking Health,Wellness and Adventure. Namaste



Welcome to the new Paradise Wellness

So here I sit trying to find the words to express my joy and excitement of the new chapter of Paradise Wellness 1.1, heavy-hearted with everything that is going on in the world today, I gotta say it’s kinda hard, no let me correct that l very hard! First and foremost I want to thank ALL the frontline workers from Doctors to Delivery persons and everyone in between,