About Us

I provide alternative wellness treatments and holistic services for my global clients, local residents and visitors on holiday in Merida or the Yucatan. 

Sharonlee Latham has been providing wellness services to clients since 2003, first in Victoria, Canada and then for the last 13 years in Mexico.  Her services incorporate what she learned as she resolved years of her own serious chronic illness & injuries that did not respond to Western medicine. 

She has studied with alternative wellness healers around the world and in many different modalities, as she’s honed her knowledge and healing powers to help others suffering from illness, injury and stress. 

Today, Paradise Wellness has expanded online services to assist clients everywhere in their wellness journey. 

Her Spirit, Mind and Body Tune-up combines Ayurvedic massage, reflexology, and Reiki, which help realign the body’s natural capacity to healing itself of disease. These healing sessions are highly personalized and can last from 90 minutes to four hours. For online clients, she assists in their realignment with Distance Reiki and also offers Oracle Card readings, which provide clarity and balance as we face life’s challenges. 

Sharonlee also offers highly-personalized LiViT Lifestyle Lessons and Doterra essential oil consultations. Both are available online or in-person. 

Wishing you all Health and Wellness in the coming days! 


I moved to Mexico from British Columbia in 2007. For several years I lived in Playa del Carmen and am now based in Merida, in the Yucatan state, where I enjoy the rich culture and unspoiled countryside.

Mexico first captured my heart more  than 30 years ago, as I  sensed the natural healing properties of this unique environment which blends the ocean, the Gulf, the jungle and cenotes with elements of Mayan and Spanish culture.

I look forward to sharing my light and love energy with all who wish to find deeper wellness within.