LiVit, what is it?

If you really enjoy what you see me doing online with my LiVit Lifestyle and would like some 1:1 Lessons to show you some step by step ways to incorporate the LiVit Lifestyle then you will love this offering.

The LiVit Lifestyle

I started my LiViT after many years of Die(ts). I put these words in quotations for a reason: I wanted to live better and more fully, yet I was always dying for the next meal! I would try various diets, but they were overly restrictive about could eat, when I could eat, how much I could eat, how many calories I was consuming, how many grams I was ingesting and so on. Certainly, this obsessing for months and years at a time was not healthy and it led me into a perpetual yo yo cycle with my weight. I would succeed for awhile with a diet only to go back eventually to my old eating and my old weight and my old behavior of dying for the next meal.

It’s from this perspective that I found a new way forward: I call it my LiVit and its simply clean eating that feeds my spirit, mind and body.

There were a few phsycological shifts that happened for me when I reframed my thinking.

Following my LiViT has transformed how I thought about food.  Here’s an example: I had no problem putting the highest quality gas in my car. Why wouldn’t I ? it was an investment in the health and longevity of my car. But it never occured to me to think of my body in a similar way. Now I think of myself as a kind of vehicle, so I put in only the cleanest fuel I can kind. For me, this is basically whole foods in a rainbow of colors. I stick to the outer edges of the grocery store and skip the bakery: I try not to eat white sweet stuff that is highly processed.

I don’t measure my weight because my LiViT is not about a number. It’s all about lifestyle and using healthy foods as fuel rather than a source of comfort.

Another big factor for me relates to cooking. I have always loved cooking for people but I would not cook for myself as a solo eater. I ate for comfort and fast, easy preparation and for me that was cheese, crackers, sausage, yogurt ,fruit and granola. Sounds OK, right ? Well, it wasn’t and I didn’t realize it till I ran a little experiement and cut our dairy and processed food  for a week. Here’s what happened: My energy tripled. I didn’t feel bloated or tired after eating and I slept much better.

So many diseases today – diabetes, obesity, cancers, arthritis –  have been shown to be influenced if not caused by what we eat. For many of us, that’s processed foods, loaded with chemicals and sugars. I would not put toxins in my car or beloved pet; so why would I put it them in my body? Today on my LiViT I try to eat only naturally occuring sugars and keep them in moderation.  Here’s an example: I love going to the movies and I have always loved eating a package of gummy bears with my popcorn. Well, now I take some fresh grapes and they are much more  satisfying. For the record, I still eat movie theatre popcorn. Heck – I am not a purist!  I am just making some changes that I can live with and that benefit my body in the long run.

It’s funny about meat. I grew up loving all kinds of red meat protein. Now, I find I prefer the feeling my body has when I eat vegetable-based proteins. Sometimes, if I am doing lots of physical activities, my body will crave non vegetable proteins and when I feel that way, I will have a ceviche or a taco. So I don’t label myself as a vegan or or a meat eater. I am a person making personal healthy eating choices

I don’t restrict myself from anything. I eat what I want when I want and that’s why it is called a LiViT. I see this as a life choice. What I know is that once I started eating clean and healthy whole foods, I just felt so much better. Now when I eat something that I used to eat, the bloating, stomach ache or headache that follows is just not worth it. I understand now that my body isn’t used to the chemicals anymore. And here’s the miracle: it just doesn’t t appeal to me anymore.


I start the day with warm water and lemon in the morning, then most days I meditate and practice yoga. Mid-morning, I’ll make a smoothie with almond milk, mixed berries and fruits and moringa, a vitamin-packed local vegetable.

Lunch is usually the big meal of the day. I make myself a salad with protein including quinoa. Eggs are a great source of protein. I can boil a bunch to have on-hand. This gives me easy access to instant protein when my body asks for it. Sometimes I’ll have tacos or other local yummies around town. In Merida, we’re lucky because the food for the most part is made fresh daily so it fits in easily with my LiViT approach.

I use apple vinegar and extra virgin olive oil for dressing. Sometimes I add tumeric, garlic, spices or dijon mustard for an extra kick. Dinner is usually a lighter verson of lunch.

I carry an apple or bag of mixed nuts so that if I get hungry during the day there are healthy snacks close at hand. I make the mixed nuts myself, using unsalted almonds, walnuts and some raisins. I also remember to drink a lot of water which I flavor with chlorophyll and lemon. I use salt in my recipes, making sure I have Himalayan pink salt on hand because of it’s high mineral content. I also add lots of pepper and other spices for taste because, really, what is life without a bit of spice ??

Another important part of LiViT for me is eating outside. I love picnics and when I make the effort to enjoy meals out in Mother Nature’s world, I always gain a fresh perspective. It can be something as simple as noticing a little dandelion struggling to grow through a crack in the sidewalk.

It takes time to buy and prepare fresh foods, but the extra energy I get as a result makes up for it!

All good things in life are simple and the same is true of LiViT.  It comes down to a few basic ideas:

L   Living and loving life
I    I take the time to prepare healthy foods
V   Vegetables give me vitality
I    I enjoy my meals outside, like a picnic
T   Take the time to treat myself with love

I am not a dietician or a food guru…I am just a person who has struggled with weight for years. The closer I was coming to 50 ( several years ago now), I found that  taking my health more seriously was nessessary. I am 100% responsible for this vessel my Soul resides in, no one can take care of it for me. Preventative Wellness measures will make a difference in the long run, we can all do the for our “Self”. As well I want my body to be the clearest channel possible for the energy work I do. I have discovered that LiViT really works for me and that’s why I’m sharing this journey with you. LiViT is a way to bring paradise and wellness to our days, no matter where we are. And that is really what my intention is all about: for all of us to find health and wellness inside of ourselves and then share it with each other. We are all connected on this journey.



LiViT lifestyle  Lessons Via Zoom 50 minutes each for 50 USD or prepaid 5 lessons for 200USD.

We can connect for a single session to give you some great tips to help you on your journey. 
If you feel you need more in-depth 1:1 work we can customize some lessons for you and it will support accountability, teach you some great easy recipes, some basic body movement and yogic practices. Teach you how to connect with Your Guides  and teach you some easy tools to support your lifestyle going forward. I have 32 years experience that I would love to share with you.