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Let us help you realize your wellness and healing goals with a custom day trip or multi day retreat in the Riviera Maya. The coast and jungles south of Cancun, Mexico have many unspoiled places to explore and many are infused with a special spiritual significance. This unique environment attracted us to Mexico more than 20 years ago and we look forward to sharing some of our favorite spots with you. We don’t offer large group excursions to the most popular tourist sites as there are many excellent vendors in the area who provide these tours. We would be happy to recommend some for you as requested.

Our day trips are very different. Most are small, private experiences with 1 to 4 participants and a spiritual wellness focus. All are custom-designed for your schedule, preferences, physical health or needs and spiritual goals. We offer trips in English, Spanish and French and we rely on well-trained and fully licensed Mexican transportation providers, so your safety and well-being are never at risk.


  • Signature Paradise Wellness Day: Our most requested day includes a Jungle art gallery tour with caverns, a cenote swim and a LiViT picnic with healthy whole foods. We welcome vegan, palio or other special dietary requests. In the afternoon, enjoy Sharonlee’s Signature Wellness Treatment. This trip can be combined with a Temezcal, a private yoga class or a visit to a multi-denominational temple for chanting and meditation.
  • A trip to the Coba ruins. We get there in the early morning to avoid the crowds. Our tour is followed by a swim in pristine uncrowded cenotes. We can enjoy a healthy picnic or a beach club afternoon with all the amenities. Our day concludes with an ice-cream cone and a stroll through Tulum’s many small shops and galleries.
  • An overnight trip to Chitchen itza. Our day starts with a trip to Tulum for a swim and lunch or we can visit Coba and ride bikes through the ruins after climbing the main pyramid. Then its off to Valladolid for an evening exploring this 500+ year old colonial city. There is great shopping for local crafts, from leather shoes to hand-embroidered clothing. We enjoy a casual dinner and a night at a small inn and then head out early the next morning to Chichen Itza! We are there before all the tourist buses to enjoy the spendor of one of the wonders of the world while it’s cool and peaceful. On the way home, we can stop to enjoy another refreshing cenote swim.
  • A visit to a private Temezcal, a traditional native Mexican American purification ceremony conducted within a hot vapor bath, followed by a light lunch of fresh fruit and fruit juices. Our Temezcal can also be combined with a Crystal Singing Bowls healing meditation.
  • Visit Muyil, a Mayan ruin connected to the Caribbean sea through a series of channels dug hundreds of years ago from a fresh water Cenote lake. We’ll float thru these channels, visit the small  ruins and enjoy a healthy lunch in Tulum or a beach picnic. Muyil is definitely off the radar of the big tourist groups and is a perfect place to experience Mayan ingenuity and architecture without hordes of people around you. The canals to the sea are also a great place for birdwatchers: this quiet and unspoiled area is in the biosphere reserve of Sian Ka’an.
  • Special custom day trips to Isle Mujeres and Cozumel are also options.

These experiences can be a half day or a full day, depending on your goals. Some clients combine a half day excursion with Sharonlee’s Signature Wellness Treatment or a Reiki session. For information on setting up your wellness day trip, contact us at


Paradise Wellness can also create custom retreats over multiple days. These typically occur in a luxury seaside setting, and combine a spiritual focus with opportunities for relaxation, fitness, body work sessions and pure foods. Each day is designed to keep you energized, inspired and enthused. Prices vary based on the time of year and the location booked as well as food and activities choices.

Please contact us for more information.

We offer frequent She Recovers retreats in the Riviera Maya, on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia and now in Bali. Click here for more information.


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