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sharonleewidMeet Sharonlee

I provide alternative wellness treatments to travelers seeking health and peace on their holiday.

My signature session combines Auyervedic massage, reflexology, and reiki, which help realign the body’s natural capacity to healing itself of disease.

I use a variety of angel and nature oracle cards to help clients receive clarity in their quest for balance and wellness.

My healing sessions are highly personalized intuitive sessions last from 90 minutes to four hours.

I also offer healthy adventure day trips connecting you with the heart of Mexico, which incorporate healthy cuisine, at a private cenote or a quiet and remote local beach. Some guests choose the voluntourism morning at a local school. Originally from British Columbia, I have lived in PlayaDel Carmen for 11 years and has been traveling here for almost 31 years, ever since I first sensed the natural healing properties of the Caribbean sea, the jungle, and the Mayan culture.  I have had the opportunity to truly connect with the Heart of Mexico and offer that in our services.

Our latest offering is an authentic Mayan wedding/commitment and Cacao Ceremony. This ceremony is open to everyone who would like a truly special way to say I Do with your loved one.  Some guests have chosen to renew vows on thier anniversary. 

I share my light and love energy with all who wish to seek a deeper wellness within.

What Paradise Wellness is all about

What my intention is with Paradise Wellness is to help people coming to PLAYA DEL CARMEN IN THE RIVIERA MAYA in multiple ways. yes doing bodywork is one of the ways and customizing health retreats… but there are other ways that in the course of my lifetime and journey around the world are some simple easy things that can make a huge impact in how we live our day today day lives. learning some simple techniques, suggesting some great online tools to help you help your self for when you head home. creating opportunities to help others while you are here if you choose.. it is up to you..you create Paradise Wellness..with the intention that you take a piece of that home with you

Most people come to the Riviera Maya..stay at an all-inclusive gorge themselves on food, run around trying to see all the things, going a hundred miles an hour on there vacation ..and then rush home feeling like they need a vacation..because they didnt rest.

With my SIGNATURE WELLNESS TREATMENT, you get to relax while I realign and open up your body to its natural capacity to heal itself and handle stress.

DAYTRIPS are personalized..in non-comercial, private and local places that one would never see in the regular vacation down here…and as you realize how fantastic you feel…realizing it is just about getting out in paradise..where ever that may be for you. When you return to your home I encourage people to step away from there office cubical..take the healthy choice lunch out to a bench in a park near by and just revel in natures beauty. You will find that when you return to the office you will have that much more energy and vitality from making a few simple changes. We all have paradise wellness at our fingertips, it is just about tapping into it and treating our spirit mind and body with the love we desearve. creating paradise wellness where ever we are. CUSTOMIZED HEALTH RETREATS encorporate looking within…getting out in the real nature, EATING HEALTHY WHOLE FOODS.VEGAN, VEGITARIAN, PALIO DIET are common requests. Staying away from processsed and chemical laden food that is one of the most common sources of Dis-ease in our body..creating space for one to disconnect from the devices and daily demands of our life …and relax in a hammock…swim in the ocean, snorkel in a lagoon, or cenotes and take a nap if you like…its your time. we offer customized retreats so you get your people together and we customize the HEATH and WELLNESS you want with  MASSAGE THERAPY for large groups as well as my SIGNATURE THERAPY.

If you have all the money in the world it will not make you well…this is about taking the time to learn some wellness techniques in a way that will enrich your life long after going home. preventative health and wellness is the key to a healthy long life. Taking time to create that opportunity to live your own Paradise Wellness where ever you are…Namaste Sharonlee