A crystal singing bowl concert is a magical journey through sacred sound and vibration, deepening your higher awareness and opening you to wholeness on new levels. The bowls, made from quartz crystal, are tuned to our musical scale. Each note correlates with a different energy center in the body. Allowing the pure melody and vibrations of the crystal bowls to wash over us literally harmonizes our energy: we become more “in tune”.

During a crystal bowls concert, you will journey to realms of deep inner peace, stress relief and pure joy with this exquisitely soothing new world music.

Daniel Alvarado started Shaman Ahau, a crystal bowls group, in Playa del Carmen in 2011. The group has grown to include 10 members and their concerts are enjoyed on the beach, in the moonlight, in cenotes and jungle settings across the Riviera Maya.

Consider a Shaman Ahau concert for your special event or retreat. You’ll be transformed by their other worldly sound. To find out more about Shaman Ahau, contact us.


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