Simplify Your Life

Living in the Riviera Maya is a dream! But if you don’t speak fluent Spanish or are new to the area, it can be frustrating and time consuming to get basic things done.  My friend Michelle Aguilar started Playa Easy to help the growing number of Americans, Canadians, Europeans and others who are working, investing or retiring in our part of Mexico.  She provides an educated, experienced, and multilingual team ready to help you get those errands and personal tasks done so you can enjoy life here in Paradise. And she does it all – from translating Spanish text messages sent by your maid to housesitting/pet sitting or finding contractors to make repairs on your home.

Michelle is a former luxury hotel concierge and degreed interior designer who grew up with an American mother and Mexican father in Guadalajara. She has lived in Playa for eight years and knows how to get life simplified here. You can reach her by email via or by telephone at + 52 1 984 133 5573.