kundalini yoga

Kundalini, “the yoga of awareness,” opens your heart, builds strength and releases the energy located at the base of your spine.  Kundalini is one of the oldest forms of yoga – it has been practiced in India since 500 B.C.  The word Kundalini literally means “coiled” and is represented by a metaphorical coiled snake at the base of your spine. The purpose of Kundalini practice is to uncoil your snake and release that energy within. Health, strength, fitness and overall happiness are some of the benefits that may follow a regular Kundalini pratice!  A private Kundalini class with Sadhana Kaur will generally include meditation, chants and a focus on your  breath  – specifically, the “breath of fire”, where air is sucked in and out rhythmically. Kundalini has the power to unleash and unlock barriers within ourselves that is supremely joyful and serene. 

Meet Sadhana Kaur, our Kundalini specialist, here or contact us to arrange your private Kundalini class.


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