Is that She Me?

So here I am in Whitefish Montana enjoying to cool weather compared to the hot humid Playa Del Carmen temperatures. I have been creating some new LiViT recipes. I love having all the culinary selection at my fingertips. Especially the great selection of organics. I feel like I am in LiViT Disneyland. So much to choose from its mind boggeling.
Speaking of mind boggeling one of the things that has made me go HMMMMM while I have been here is this one specific white tail dear. I see her almost everyday if not twice a day walking Annie and Henry. There are so many deer here I could only compare it to street dogs or cats in Playa ..Seriously! I know its her because she comes towards us ,moving fearlessly with curiosity, and at times has been down right challanging towards the dogs to hold her space in her assertive way -I think to my self is she crazy? All the other deer take one look and run the other way, as they have been taught. She on the other hand comes up quietly from behind tipy toeing on her hooves. When you stop to look at her she starts to graze the grass and gives you one of those ” who me..don’t mind me I am just eating this grass..nothing to see here folks” then you take another 10 or 15 steps and look back and there she is 10 or 15 steps ahead of where she was the minute before- again eating grass pretending like she is just minding her own business. So I think to my self she is not doing what the other deer are doing? There must be something wrong with her? My friends agree maybey she is deaf? or wired wrong? She comes towards things in her surroundings with confidence and curiosity instead of running away.Then it occurs to me part of my spiritual practice is understanding that we are all connected. So then I think wow she is living her life her way and going against the grain. She is not following the herd. She is walking forward fearlessly. Now my thinking has gone from “she’s crazy” to wow how bold of her. Walking her path with confidence learning as she goes. Then I think to my self- Is that She Me? I am trying with all my heart and soul to walk forward in this journey with against the grain of what society says I “Should” be doing. My partner in life is my creator, I feel guided to share what I have learned and holds space for health and wellness for those all around us. I was a deer in a herd at a 9-5 job for years and the stress almost killed me, spiritual, mentally, physically. So today I am trying to make a difference by showing people ways to make positive healthy changes in thier day to day lives. Some times thru Facebook, Vimeo Videos, Daytrips or Retreats and soon to come one on one Tune in Talks for those who want some online guidance. I am learning as I go and am excited I am travelling and sharing what is see as I go along. I am passionate in my intention for teaching LiViT and healthy lifestyle choices for those who are wanting to make some changes. I see this deer doing things different to shake things up in the fields around her. I will be taking some new bold steps to get the message of health and wellness out there. In the meantime I will take some tips from nature and step curiously ahead with confidence and ponder- Is that She Me?photo