Labour of Love? Smiling shines your light!

I hope you all had a nice relaxing Labour Day long weekend. I find myself reflecting on the concept of the Labour of Love and how we send a positive ripple effect thru the universe as we partake on what we feel inspired to do. It takes on many shapes and sizes from a volunteer commitment to doing anonymous random acts of kindness. I try to sprinkle a bit of both in my day to day life for a couple of reasons. First being of service to our collective global community is always a good go to move. As well I … Keep Reading

LiVe what you LoVe and LoVe what you LiVE

I love all the wonderfully unique things I come across as I ramble around Montana, this mailbox being one of them. We actually did a U turn to go back so I could get a photo. One of the things that impresses me as I meet new people and see so many of the artisan offerings that I am using to create recipes for LiViT. The people who I have come across Live what they Love and Love what they Live. What do I mean by that? Well when I was standing in line for 20 minutes for the “best” … Keep Reading

Is that She Me?

So here I am in Whitefish Montana enjoying to cool weather compared to the hot humid Playa Del Carmen temperatures. I have been creating some new LiViT recipes. I love having all the culinary selection at my fingertips. Especially the great selection of organics. I feel like I am in LiViT Disneyland. So much to choose from its mind boggeling. Speaking of mind boggeling one of the things that has made me go HMMMMM while I have been here is this one specific white tail dear. I see her almost everyday if not twice a day walking Annie and Henry. … Keep Reading

LiViT Green Goddess Smoothie Recipe

Hi everyone, This is the recipe for my Green Goddess Smoothie that I have incorporated in my LiViT lifestyle. I hope you do too! I wanted to give you some nutritional information as to the health and wellness benefits of this delicious creation that you can easily add to your LiViT lifestyle. This is a delicous start to any day! Little changes over time make a big difference. Here is  a quick breakdown on the health benefits and nutritional information of the ingredients: Almond Milk The health benefits of almond milk include the improvement of vision, weight loss, stronger bones … Keep Reading

Simplify Your Life

Living in the Riviera Maya is a dream! But if you don’t speak fluent Spanish or are new to the area, it can be frustrating and time consuming to get basic things done.  My friend Michelle Aguilar started Playa Easy to help the growing number of Americans, Canadians, Europeans and others who are working, investing or retiring in our part of Mexico.  She provides an educated, experienced, and multilingual team ready to help you get those errands and personal tasks done so you can enjoy life here in Paradise. And she does it all – from translating Spanish text messages … Keep Reading

Healthy is Delicious!

The opening last year of Don Chendo’s in Playa Del Carmen was wonderful news for diners. And for chef/owner Russell Granger, it represents a dream fulfilled. When Russell was a little boy, he always imagined having a restaurant with just ten tables. Last year, as he was putting the finishing touches on his new restaurant, he took a count and realized that there were exactly ten tables in the space. After a long career in the food, beverage and hospitality industries, Don Chendo’s  looks, tastes and feels like a homecoming for Russell — and for diners. The Prodigal Chef Comes Back A … Keep Reading

A Cenote Bike Ride

My friend Ian Kelley wrote recently about an amazing place that visitors can ride their bikes to in Playa del Carmen and that’s the Cenote Chaak-Tun. The ride to Chaak-Tun Cenote is about 4-5 km each way from central Playa.  So make sure you have a bike that fits and that you are comfortable on. It’s really very simple to ride to the Cenote – just locate Avenida Juarez, which is the major street that leads to the ferry for Cozumel. Follow it west across the 307 Highway to the Ejido neighborhood. Continue to follow Juarez all the way to the Cenote. This … Keep Reading